How To Break In Climbing Shoes


how to break in climbing shoes

If you recently purchased climbing shoes and you are confused about how to break in climbing shoes.

Then here are the 5 awesome ways that will help you a lot to break in your climbing shoes easily.

1. The Shower Method

Wear the shoes and get into a hot shower. While the shoes are on your feet, make sure they get thoroughly soaked with hot water. To mold and stretch the leather move your toes.

Walk around the house if your shoes are still wet. You can keep them on until they are drying.

To continue drying the shoes, stuff them with newspaper. Go climb in them before they dry completely. This will help to mold the shoes to your foot and ensure that they are in a position that your foot will be in while climbing. To dry them, add more newspaper after climbing.

Keep doing this until you’re satisfied. You may need to repeat the process several times until your shoes are completely molded to your foot.

2. Use an Ice Bag

Take two zip-lock bags, one for each shoe should be taken. Fill them with water until they reach the same size as your feet. Once the bags are filled with water then put them in the shoes after that you can lace your climbing shoes loosely around the bags. Keep your shoes for at least one night in the freezer.

Take out the shoes from the freezer and let them thaw. The water will expand because it is frozen and stretching the shoes. This process is slower than the shower, so if you need your shoes to stretch faster, the shower method will work.

Keep doing this until you’re satisfied. You may need to repeat the process several times until your shoes are comfortable on your foot.

3. Use A Hair Dryer

Climbing shoes can be stretched by the heat from the dryer. Be careful it isn’t too hot for the shoes as it can cause damage.

Begin by stuffing the shoes with socks. Make sure to roll it into balls and apply pressure to fill the shoe’s interior. make it tight, It will allow the shoe to stretch more.

Put the shoe on a flat surface. Switch on the hairdryer and turn the heat to medium and heat your climbing shoes. The dryer should be at a minimum of six inches from the shoe. For approximately one minute, heat the shoe.

If the shoe is still warm, you can stuff it with more socks. After that, the material will become stretchier, and the shoe will become bigger.


Wrap your foot in plastic wrap or saran wrap and then slide it into the climbing shoes. You will feel a lot more comfortable and the shoes will fit a bit better immediately.

You can stretch the upper by wearing the shoes this way for a few minutes while you relax or climb. Your feet will also help the shoe stretch in exactly the right places. This method is great if you want to stretch your climbing shoes a little.


For your first few sessions of climbing, you will only need to wear socks. The thicker the socks, the better. The sock’s extra volume will stretch the new climbing shoes and reduce hot spots.

Final Words:

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