How To Soften The Back Of New Shoes (5 Simple Ways)


how to soften the back of new shoes

If you recently get new shoes and you have to make them more comfortable by softening their back.

Then here are the 5 best ways on how you can easily soften the back of your new shoes.

1. Use Insoles and Socks

Insoles provide a more soft footing for your shoes. You will be able to walk comfortably on the insoles. The socks will also provide you an elevated footing. The combination of socks and insoles will make your shoes roomier. Insoles can also improve your posture.

Simply put some insoles, preferably customized, in your shoes, and then wear your socks and walk around. You will soon be able to break into your new shoes if you walk more. The insoles are made from a soft material. It gets the shape of your feet and adjusts according to your feet. The shoes will be soft in the right places, ensuring maximum comfort.

Different shoe types require different types of insoles. Some shoes require a thicker insole, such as trainers or sneakers. Others need a thinner insole, such as sandals. For this, you should consult an expert in insoles and shoes.

2. Perform Soap Rubbing

Use a soap bar that you have at your home and then wet it with water.

After that rub it on the backside, and inside your shoe wherever you feel some tightness.

After the rubbing has been completed, wear your shoe and walk for a few hours in it.

Repeat this process for several days until you feel comfortable in your new shoes.

3. Use Wooden inserts

Wooden inserts can adjust the back heel of your shoes. However, if you wish to soften the rest of the shoe, wooden inserts are available for those too.

Wooden inserts can be used easily. Simply insert them in your shoes to keep your shoes stretched. This will soften the material and make your shoes more comfortable.

Wooden inserts can also help to ventilate the shoes.

4. Alcohol

Simply order a bottle of rubbing alcohol spray online and apply it to your new shoes.

Apply the rubbing alcohol to the areas that are tighter.

To achieve the desired results, properly spray to the heel side or backside of the shoe.

After the shoes have been properly sprayed, put them on and walk for a few hours.

Continue this process until you feel the back of your shoe is properly stretched out.

5. By Using Oils

Using oil will help you to maintain your shoes for a longer period of time. For leather shoes, oils are one of the best options. Use castor oil and glycerin for this process because they have high-fat content.

It is very easy to do. Apply some oil to the shoes. The oil will soak into the leather and make the shoes soft. When you wear these shoes, they can stretch to whatever extent you need. This makes the shoes more comfortable and breathable.

Final Words:

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